Yitong Lok

item1Yitong Lok was born in 1960 in Beijing, China. He began his painting career under the guidance of his father Lok Tok and other great Chinese masters including Wu Zuo-Ren and Li Rui-Nian. He also studied Fine Art at the Capital Normal University of Beijing.

Upon moving to Canada, Yitong continued his Fine Art studies in Vancouver, Toronto, and Florence (Italy), where he was exposed to Western styles of painting. He became exceedingly proficient in oil painting, particularly in the high Renaissance styles as well as in the style of Rembrandt and Titian. Such influences continue to inform Yitong’s work, as can be seen in his recent series of ink paintings.

His depictions of ancient Roman amphitheatres and centuries-old cathedrals share a breathtaking sense of depth, and the contrasting tones of ink wash study the interplay of light and shadow, enhancing and transforming the viewer’s sense of depth and perspective; his technique and approach are reminiscent of the atmospheric effects so prevalent in the work of Titian. The fact that Yitong is able to present this sensibility through only a handful of brushstrokes shows the level of his mastery of the traditional ink medium; as such, his work can be seen as a truly unique merging of Eastern and Western painting.

Yitong’s artwork has been exhibited at art institutes across North America and East Asia, including the University of British Columbia, University of Toronto, York University, University of Minnesota, The Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Omega Institute, Rochester Institute of Technology, Hobart and William Smith Colleges, and the Duluth Art Institute. His work has been exhibited at various art fairs including Art Palm Beach, Art Chicago, Art Basel, Art Toronto, and Art Asia in Hong Kong.

In 1993, Yitong and his father Lok Tok were invited by the Canadian High Commissioner and Hong Kong Municipal Council to present a cross-cultural ‘father and son’ exhibition, as part of the Hong Kong International Art Fair.

In 1996, he exhibited his works as part of the OH! Canada Project - Art for a Nation at the Art Gallery of Ontario cojoined by National Art Gallery of Canada; the exhibition was held to commemorate the contribution of the famous “Group of Seven” to the visual arts in Canada.

In 1999, Yitong and his father donated huge paintings to the Chinese Cultural Centre for the Greater Toronto, Canada "Canadian Scenery in Chinese Painting Style" .

In 2003, he was honoured to serve as a Painting Juror for the Sumi-e Society of America’s 40th Anniversary exhibition in Maryland (USA).

As faculty, participated in an exhibition at The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery in Toronto.

In 2005, the Premier of Ontario Dalton McGuinty commissioned a portrait of "Dr. Norman Bethune," which is in Queen’s Park’s permanent collection. The prints of the work were given as gifts to Chinese government officials, dignitaries and business leaders who greatly appreciated and received them as memento of Ontario.

2013, “Chinese Contemporary Ink” - Christie’s (HongKong), Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

2014, “Oneness - Father and Son Exhibition” - Poly Art Museum, Beijing.

2014, “Teaching, Learning, Artistry” - 50th anniversary of the Capital Normal University College of the Arts, National Art Museum, Beijing.

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